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Road Widener BF 400

A maximum of power with a minimum investment - the economical solution for road construction!
Made in Germany
Work Effort
The roadwidener BF 400 can be used for road widening, shoulder work, maintenance and repairs of roads and farm lanes. All different types of soil, gravel, asphalt and lean concrete can be paved with the BF 400. The road surface level functions determinate the material placement. Down grade, height and width can be adjusted hydraulically.

The new Generation of road widener: BF 400

The roadwidener BF 400 is the most suitable machine to carry out all road side Jobs more economically and faster than any other equipment. Investment costs are low. Any wheel loader can be used, preferably not below 80 kW. The roadwidner is easily connected by an adapter plate with the pushing machine. No additional power is necassary. Arrived on the Job site the road widener is ready to work within a few minutes. The conveyor belt pushes the material directly to the road side. Simple and economical and the operator controls the flow and volume.

The BF 400 allows a high installation rate. The working Speed ranging from 15 – 50 m/min, depending on layer thickness. Two-layer road widening is possible without problem. Hydraulic
adjustable truck push rollers and the hydraulic lift adjustment of the bunker flap allows a stable smooth material supply, also in case of different loading beds of the trucks. The lateral paving screed can be hydraulically adjusted. The concrete quantity will be controlled by the running speed of the conveyor belt.

The BF 400 weighs 3.5 tons and is a heavy weight. With perfect stability and a high lay down capacity of 400 t/hr. Practical and versatile. Low maintenance intervals and from time to time a retension of the conveyor belt is required. The BF 400 is fitted with a powerful, watercooled 3-cylinder Kubota Diesel engine and own hydraulic for conveyor belt and the hydraulically extendable paving screed. All functions are fully hydraulically. The best choice to push and steer the roadwidener is a wheel loader, reachtruck, tractor or similar. The feeding process of the material tub handled by truck, same as with a conventional paver finisher. A continuous paving process is guaranteed.

The operator of the road widener BF 400, is well seated on the side of the maschine, all hydraulic levers are in easy reach, a perfect view to the working area to control the material flow, the degree of inclination +/- 30 degree, underfloor and above floor paving, in other words he is close to the action.

The material hopper of the BF 400 is wide enough to receive all sizes of trucks. Hydraulically extendable truck pushing rollers adjust easy to different truckbed bodies. The hydraulically extendable screed has a working width from 0-2.0 m [optional 3.0m] and can also pave 300 mm below surface. Depending on the layer thickness the laydown speed is between 15-50 m/min. Many contractors around the world see the exceptional advantages of the BF 400. A multi talent machine for drive ways, road extensions, road side banks, cabel canal fill backs etc.

  1. Well-arranged operator platform with ergonomically designed control panel
  2. Disc broom for cleaning the pavement (optional)
  3. Powerful watercooled 3 cylinder turbulence chamber for stroke suction diesel engine by Kubota
  4. Hydraulic adjustable truck push rollers
  5. Specific heavy duty wheels
  6. Conveyor belt [rubber) special heat resistant up to 180°C (optional)
  7. Extendable material flow gate
  8. Hydraulic screed levelling
  9. Hydraulically extendable paving screed with a standard working width of 500 mm - 2.000 mm (optional 500 - 3000 mm)
  10. Slope adjustement hydraulically
  11. Hydraulic lift adjustment of the bunker flap
  12. Universal adapter plate to connect the wheel loader or tractor (optional)

  • Weight (kg)
  • Width (mm) A
  • Depth (mm) B
  • Height (mm) C
  • Feeding height (mm)
  • Depth below 0 (mm)
  • +/- 300
  • Slope degree (°)
    +/- 30
  • Traverse side hub (mm)
  • Paving width (mm)
    0 - 2.000
  • Engine
    Kubota Diesel watercooled
  • Power (kW/PS)
    18,7 / 25
  • Wheels
    8 x Vulcolan heavy duty
  • Hot asphalt belt (optional)
    up to 180° C
  • Belt speed
    hydraulically adjustable
  • Adapter for push equipment
    hydraulically adjustable

technical datasheet

Download als PDF
PDF (796 KB)

good overview and excellent material flow

road extension from the bottom, special paving screed

2.0 m roadwidening, capacity for max. 400to per hour

Loading process with hydraulic lift adjustment of the bunker flap

work result

slide slope individually adjustable

long lasting roads with perfect shoulder for more safety
You will find the demonstration movie showing the Road Widener BF 400 in operation on our YouTube channel.

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