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We are available around the clock for our customers with our well-equipped workshops and our mobile Service team.

Well-trained teams ensure excellent Service quality

To always be up-to-date, our Service technicians and Dealers are trained regularly.  Their thorough knowledge as well as years of experience from international construction sites, guarantee a high degree of service quality.  Whether assistance is required on site or a machine needs repair in our workshop, our Service technicians will get it back on the road.  Of course, the technicians are available around the clock to attend any emergencies on site.

Spare parts center for Europe

All spare parts are original and of the highest quality.  Our spare parts department holds the original parts of Astec Mobile Machinery, Roadtec Inc., Telsmith and Peterson for immediate distribution all over Europe. 

Fast and reliable delivery

Customers can rely on fast delivery of spare parts, including hydraulic- and electric parts, engines and transmission components, filter and hydraulic hoses for all of our products (BF300 & BF400, all Roadtec machines like the Shuttle Buggy SB2500, Milling machines RX600e, RX700 & RX900) to either workshop or construction site. 
The use of original parts will minimize failure and guarantee a much longer life of the machines.  The quality and care with which the parts are manufactured are an important factor for the efficient way the machines work.


  • Large availability of spare parts
  • Fast and reliable processing of orders
  • Detailed advice for purchases by our service technicians
  • Fast Identification of required parts


Bastian Sutor
(Production and Spare Parts Department)

Service Technician

Phone: +49 (0) 51 51 / 78 105 - 0

E-Mail: service@astec-europa.de


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